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Kitanica is a word derived from “chitin” (pronounced Kǝi•tin), a key structural component of insect exoskeletons. Due to the overbuilt nature of their designs, Kitanica decided it best described their mission to make the most functional and durable gear possible.

Kitanica is a family-owned and operated full line of apparel and outdoor accessories run by Beej Cronin (CDO), his brother Chris Cronin (CMO) and their cousin Leonard ‘Len’ Riccio (COO). Kitanica’s mission is to make the most functional and durable gear possible. The three partners grew up together on the East Coast and originally founded Kitanica in Brooklyn, NY in 1995, and have worked side-by-side for a lifetime on hundreds of different projects, constructing everything from a 2-bedroom home to tennis ball cannons.

Kitanica proudly makes the majority of its products in the United States using domestically produced materials. Much of the production is done in-house in Northern California at the Oakland headquarters. Kitanica makes clothes and gear that people are proud to ‘collect, wear and abuse,’ and after seeing fanny packs skyrocket across the market, the team realized how Kitanica could change the pack industry by creating a comfortable over-the-top pack: the Scorpion Pack.

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